Yamaha RX-V765 Review
Cyndi Davidson
Published on October 21, 2017
Product Reviews / Consumer Electronics
The Yamaha RX - V765 home theater receiver is the product of Yamaha's updated receiver collection, with most of them getting updated displays, new features, and for a lot of a price drop . This receiver endured a enormous price drop . A product with this many features just a few years ago could have cost you up to a couple thousand dollars . The new price comes in at $ 650 but noticeable down $ 320 . This is an insane price for this package and one of the reasons we chose this product for the review . Let's see what all is in store for us with this newly redesigned and repriced product from Yamaha . Glowing start by listing it's notable features then going addicted to a pro's and con comparison to see what we're getting out of this product. Some of the new upgraded features that we liked were the upgraded display that is a lot easier to read than preceding models, a much sharper text . It comes out a first-class deal additional clear and its organized in a more thought out fashion then it's predecessors . We also liked the addition of pre programmed universal buttons that make it easier to switch between applications such as your Blu - Ray player, TV, listening to a CD etc . The addition of the front auxillary jacks were also a pleasant inclusion as this lets you easily plugin in your iPod dock ( which can be bought separately ). Also if you're really fancy you can find a docking station that emits a bluetooth signal that the receiver can then pick up . Oh one extra thing, it can support 2 subwoofers with its outputs so if you really like low, I mean if you really like deep, you can hook up 2 subwoofers. Let's look at a number of of the pro's of the Yamaha RX - V765 : - The upgraded screen allows for a great ease of use as glowing as the scene controls. - The added front auxillay jacks adds convenience for those that have an iPod or additional MP3 players. - You get the average Yamaha sound quality that blends perfectly with today's music - The receiver actually has below 100 - watts but still puts out sound like a champ and will surprise those who question it's numbers. - 4 HDMI outputs to hook up many HD systems that can switch channels at the push of a button - 1080p upscaling - With as a lot of features that come with it you can get it at a striking price that has been cut in more than a quarter than its prior price. That's a good quality amount of pro's, let's check out a few of the things we didn't find pleasurable with this receiver. - The inaccessible could be intended enhanced, it feels a bit despicable and definitely could use a tune up like the receiver got - That's about it For such a low price you really can't compete with the amount of features this receiver has . This isn't the end all be all receiver of the world but for an entry level price you get a mid level receiver . We give this one an A - If you'd like to check out some customer Yamaha RX-V765 Reviews head over to our Best Home Theater Receiver review site at http://besthometheaterreceiver.info
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