Yamaha RX-V3900 Review
Cyndi Davidson
Published on October 21, 2017
Product Reviews / Consumer Electronics
In attendance are so many features on this receiver that it is going to be impracticable to go hooked on detail on all of them . Unwell start by listing off a number of of the technology that comes with it by name just so you can get a unimportant idea of what's going hooked on this bad boy . As planned on the Yamaha website, we got Network Technology, Rhapsody Technology ( digital music service for less than a CD a month ), DLNA Certified, Bluetooth well-matched, Complete for iPod ( iPod docking station ), Dolby Factual HD, Dolgy Digital Plus, DTS HD Master Audio, HD Radio, SRS Cirlce Surround II, XM Radio Ready, XM HD Surround Sound, Neural Surround THX Technologies, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sirius Internet Radio, HDMI ( 4 ports ), VRS Technology, 8 Ch Ext Output, Digital ToP ART, CINEMA DSP Digital, Quiet Cinema, and it goes on and on and on . This Yamaha RX - V3900 is really the top of the line product, and it comes with the price to match but if you want one of the enhanced receivers on the market this is really it. Whatever main needs you use a receiver for this thing will do it . It is fully set with each type of receiver and output type probable, including 4 HDMI outputs so we won't get too occupied with the standards in this review because, glowing, it does it all. Now let's break addicted to a few exact features that we really got a kick out of that we think you should know about, it might help you fall over if you're on the fence . This receiver does an brilliant job in video up - scaling . It does a much superior job than the televisions we hooked it up to and is one of the most excellent up - scaling receivers we've seen . Key bonus points for this feature . A new really chilly thing is that just like on your iPod, it has an onscreen album cover LCD display correct on the receiver ( which of course is worn for lots of other things ) but we found this to be an exceptionally awesome feature . You can switch through all of the songs on your iPod with the inaccessible as glowing so you don't have to move up and fiddle with your iPod if you're doing incredible . An additional chilly thing is it has an auto feature that damps sound if here is a rapid volume spike, such as when you're watching T. V. and a marketable comes on and nearly causes you go to hearing-impaired from how deafening they're shouting about worn cars on sale . It'd be good if it had the power to skip commercials altogether, but we think this is the top sensible feature to have. The only downside to this is if you've never had a home theater receiver the Yamaha RX - V3900 has a vertical learning curve . Present are so a lot of features you could get misplaced if you didn't have the map . This pays off in the end though because you'll never want to use anything again for powering your entertainment systems. If you'd like to check out detailed specifications or are serious about purchasing a Yamaha RX-V3900 check out our Best Home Theater Receiver review site at http://besthometheaterreceiver.info
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