What Attracts Affiliates?
Dave Cooper
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a powerful means of selling and distributing your product or service. If you can attract a highly skilled collection of affiliates to your offerings, you can post truly amazing sales numbers.

The trick, of course, is recruiting that army of salespeople. Many of those who are considering the use of affiliate marketing strategies may wonder how to get the best salespeople on their team. Here are a few means by which you can attract affiliates.

Generous Commission

The most obvious way to get affiliates to push your product is by offering a healthy commission. Affiliates are, obviously, motivated by the opportunity to turn a profit. If you are willing to offer them an impressive share of the take, they will be more likely to promote your offering.

Some may be worried that too high a commission may destroy their own opportunity for profit. This can be true if the commission amount creeps too high. Generally, though, one can make up the difference in net proceeds per sale by the fact that the higher commission should create greater sales volume.

Balancing the enticement of a high commission with one's personal goals can be challenging, but nothing beats a good payout in terms of affiliate recruitment.

Offer Helpful Extras

If you are selling an ebook, supply your affiliates with more than just a link to the sales page. Give them a sample chapter to use, a few articles in support of the ebook, a good ebook cover and graphics, etc. If you offer your affiliates great tools to use as they promote, they are more likely to back your product vigorously.

Building these extras may take a little extra time and money on the front-end, but those production costs are a worthwhile investment when they lead to recruitment of a bigger and more talented pool of affiliates.

Offer a Good Product

Talented marketers are not keen on selling low-quality products. They cultivate lists of potential buyers and are able to do so by consistently offering them good products at fair prices. They are often unwilling to work their lists in support of a questionable product. Even those who are willing may do so only tepidly unless they believe in the product fully.

There are those in the internet marketing community who will tell you that the strength of the product is of secondary importance. That may be true in some regards, but one is far more likely to secure top-notch affiliates when offering a high-quality product.

If you can offer a healthy commission, extra tools to assist with sales and a high-quality product, you can end up with an enviable cadre of affiliates to promote your product. These factors should be major considerations for anyone who is interested in having their offerings backed by the kind and number of affiliate marketers who can produce real results.

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