Week of the Young Child
Kelly Johnson
Published on October 28, 2017
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Did you know that this is the Week of the Young Child? It is! And this year's theme is "Building Better Futures for All Children." (It's already proving to be much more popular than last year's theme of "Building Better Futures for White Middle-Class Children.")

From the NAEYC website:

The purpose of the Week of the Young Child is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs.

NAEYC first established the Week of the Young Child in 1971, recognizing that the early childhood years (birth through age 8) lay the foundation for children's success in school and later life. The Week of the Young Child is a time to plan how we--as citizens of a community, of a state, and of a nation--will better meet the needs of all young children and their families.

Sounds good to me. Right up until I remember that I have only a few weeks left before my daughter turns 8, and then I'm OUT OF TIME to FIX HER. Oh, the pressure! Will I look back on this, during her teen years, and wish that I'd done more? Will I regret not properly observing this week, lo those many years?

The NAEYC website has a great list of suggested activities to help you recognize this week, but I thought I'd come up with my own ideas, as well. I really want to do what I can.

Here are some things I pledge to do this week, in celebration of the Week of the Young Child:

* I will not make fun of the Doodlebops hair, nor will I comment that having to look at this would make me lose my appetite in a wave of neon-color-induced nausea.

* I will not say a word about how the only thing scarier than having to watch Barney and his pals on television would be inviting them into the tub with your child.

* I will not mention even once that a talking Caillou doll would cause me to develop a nervous twitch, or that I would almost rather my children remain illiterate than learn their ABCs from the world's whiniest 4-year-old.

* I will continue my deep love for all things Max and Ruby, without my compulsive need to point out that these poor children have clearly been abandoned by their parents.

* I will pretend to understand what Caillou is saying, and not poke fun at his speech impediment.

* I will stop rearranging and dismembering The Wiggles and instead accept them for who they are.

Well. I think that's a good start. What will you do to celebrate this week?

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