Warning Signs For Affiliate Marketers
Dave Cooper
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

If you are an affiliate marketer, you may be wondering what kinds of products and sales opportunities will work best for you. The flip-side of that question is just as important. What kind of situations should you avoid? In order to better insure that your marketing efforts and time are not wasted, consider some of the following warning signs that should convince you to avoid some affiliate opportunities.

Beware of bad reputations. If the person offering the product has a spotty past in terms of other ventures, you may want to avoid the opportunity. Not only does a bad track record hold out the promise of future failures, it will also act as a disincentive for many prospective buyers. Do some research about the person offering the product. See what else they are up to, how people feel about them, and whether or not there have been past complaints or concerns that raise a warning flag for you.

Beware of limited information. If the offer is coming with very little information, it may be time to be suspicious. You should have a clear outline of all terms for participation. Although streamlining affiliate programs may increase efficiency, an exceptionally threadbare approach could be a warning that something may not be right.

Beware of program administration. If you aren't familiar with the operators or have any other concerns, you may want to approach the matter cautiously. Before jumping in head first on a new project, approach it with reasonable trepidation and suspicion. Instead of immediately promoting in earnest, consider closing a few sales and waiting to make sure they are logged correctly and that you are paid on time. This may give you a better idea of what to expect from the program.

Beware of incomplete bios. If all you have to work with in terms of contact information is an alias, an email address and a website, don't invest a great deal of time in the project. Before committing, get names, physical addresses and phone numbers. Take a moment to assess the probable overall legitimacy of the program. You want to be sure you know exactly with whom you will be working. In the case of a problem, that additional contact information will come in handy, too.

Recognizing these four particular warning signs and acting accordingly cannot guarantee that you won't run afoul of a bad deal now and again. However, those indicators will give you cause for concern in certain situations that should lead you to take appropriate self-preserving actions.

If you notice bad reputations, limited information, questionable administration or incomplete biographical information, you may want to seek greener pastures. With some many new affiliate products becoming available every day, it only make sense to be cautious. You do have other options. If you play it safe as an affiliate and you'll be glad you did.

David Cooper is the editor of the Affiliate Marketing Articles Newsletter. David specializes in helping affiliate marketers consider some of the warning signs that should convince them to avoid some affiliate opportunities. Subscribe to his FREE newsletter at: http://www.affiliatemarketingarticles.com

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