Use Creativity To Improve Your Home
Karen Sherman, Ph.D.
Published on October 21, 2017
Self Improvement / Creativity
It is important that you have a creative impulse when you are thinking about making home improvements. Even if you do not think of yourself as a creative person, you can consult design resources and look at other homes to develop your creative side.

To improve your home, you must first have a good understanding of the kinds of things you like. You should imagine your home with the types of improvements you are considering, taking in account your particular tastes and personality. For example, if you favor an exotic look, you could use jungle wallpaper and mirrored tiles. If you feel good when you imagine the potential changes as a reality in your home, by all means, go ahead and make it happen!

Many home improvements are surprisingly affordable. You can change the look of a bathroom for just a few hundred dollars. And while you may think that you canít do such complicated work yourself, you are wrong. If you can read instructions and follow them, you can do most home improvement jobs yourself. Remember, the cost of a remodel pales next to the value that it will add to your home Ė not to mention your attitude! Since you will be improving the quality of the home, you will be able to reap considerably more value if you want to sell it or take out a loan than it will cost to make most improvements.

Putting in new tile is much less expensive than you probably think. Mirror tiles, cork tiles, and ceramic tiles are relatively inexpensive. This is especially true for bathrooms where only a low number of tiles are usually required. Mirrored tiles may be about $100, but even if you wanted to put mirrors on every wall of the bathroom, you would still probably spend only a little more if you comparison-shop for your materials at different stores. Youíll need to get certain tools and materials in addition to the tiles if you want to use them on wall or floors. These materials are not expensive either. You will need primer, sealer, and plaster if your walls have holes or cracks in them. Kits containing all these materials are available for about $20. Tools might cost a little more if you select the most expensive ones, but since you will then own these tools, it can be considered an investment. The tiles themselves will be the most expensive materials required to remodel a bathroom unless you decide to replace the fixtures as well.

The cost of a bath or kitchen remodel may seem high in the beginning, but you must consider that any improvements you make will add to the value of your home and also make you feel better about yourself. And your home will reflect more of your real tastes and personality.

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