Summer Months Are On The Way - So Are Toerings
A Davies
Published on October 10, 2017
Fashion / Jewelry
I started wearing toe rings long ago and always with the same old problems; pinching and turning. Now that Spring is here its time to get out the sandals and summer wear as well as summer jewelry, toe jewelry, if youre able to still find them.

Personally, Ive found myself buying Two to five rings every summer, mainly because they would wander off or just break as you have to keep pinching them to close around your toe. Even falling off and you dont realize its gone until its to late. You could look forever back tracking your steps trying to find the little things. It can be sad too, specially when it might have been your favorite.

You have a new swimsuit or summer wear and would like to show off your feet together with your new sandals, SO time for a new toe ring. Shortly throughout the day being forced to bend over to fix your toe ring because its getting ready to come off or turns over. And this happens more than once each day.

Well, I think i have a cure for these kinds of problems, Fitted Toe Rings. Yep! Why not have your toe rings for women sized to flawlessly fit those toes! So theyll never turn or pinch or break. Sure there cheap enough you say, not if you are buying several every summer and all year for that matter. Because we love to show off our toes, just like our fingers, with something shiny. Having a ring custom fitted offers you the added benefit of never losing them, as well as the convenience of never feeling them turn or pinch. You actually forget youve got them on.

Its that easy. We do this for our fingers, so why not our toes likewise?

Contemplate it, it does make good sense. It costs a couple dollars more, but you wont be buying them again and again.
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