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Frank Gasiorowski
Published on October 21, 2017
Writing & Speaking / Article Writing

Have you ever wanted to be a published author?
Were you unable to figure out how to get started?
With so many writing sites on the internet, who do you choose?

I understand because I felt the same way.

Two years ago and I felt like I would never be able to get my writing career started and living my dream of being a published author.

You can take a writing course in school, with a private tutor, being self-taught with books, tapes and cd's or any number of ways. You can take a home study course or study online.

There are many decisions and choices you can make.

I have a friend and mentor who states, You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it started." That is a great message because many people spend so much time trying to get it right, that they never get it started. I remember another phrase, "Getting started is half done?"

Let's put these two statements together because they are powerful.

1- You have to get it started (You don't have to get it right) 2- Getting started is 1/2 done

By my calculations, making the decision to start, no matter whether it's right or not, gets you half-way to the finish.

Do you see where trying to get it right or even worse trying to make it perfect is what stops most people dead in their tracks?

You don't have to get it right when you start out. That is the killer of any initiative that you would need to make changes in your life that are created by action.

Start writing now and you are halfway to completion. The stress relief alone will make it worth while.

I must note here that you must make your writing better with every re-write and eventually get make it right before you publish. If you need assistance, get an editor or an English teacher to help out.

Start Writing Now! That's the fun part. Journal, write letters, email your friends and associates and don't resort to the email shortcuts or slang. Practice your writing at every opportunity. Write what comes naturally. Write as you speak. That writing style is one of the easiest ways to get started. You can even write letters to yourself. Start Writing Now because you are already halfway finished.

Let me ask you a question regarding your writing. Is it better to be halfway finished or halfway started?

Frank Gasiorowski - EzineArticles Expert Author

Frank Gasiorowski, "Mr.90DayGoals", started his writing after his mentor said, "Just get it started". That and some special tips were all that was necessary for Frank to become a published award winning author, speaker, teleseminar host, radio and TV guest and producer. Frank's passion is to help everyone reach their dreams and goals. is dedicated to helping writers to get started, NOW. Send for my FR*EE, Start Writing Now, Moving Forward Daily Writing Goals List by sending an email to Subject: Start Writing Now List.

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