Residual Income Program: Why You Should Have One
Chris Monato
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

For many new online entrepreneurs looking to get involved in affiliate marketing it would be in your best interest to consider adding a residual income program as one of your affiliate programs. Residual income programs are similar to regular affiliate programs in that you get paid when a sale is made.

Residual income programs differ in that you also have the opportunity to get paid multiple times off of the same customer. In a regular affiliate program, you would generate a sale and get paid a commission. For example if you sold an e-book you would be paid a percentage of the sale price and that would be the end of it.

In a residual income program you would get paid for the initial purchase and you would also be paid on additional purchases made by that customer you generated. Residual income programs are usually structured around products or services where there is a recurring subscription or membership cost that happens every month or so. For example, if your wireless phone service was structured as a residual income program and you generated a customer for the company you would get paid every month a percentage of that customer's total bill.

These programs are great because you gain the benefit of generating a customer once and getting paid multiple times off that single customers purchase. This increases the overall value of that customer and in turn generates additional income for your online business. These are just some of the benefits of residual income programs. If you're an affiliate marketer and don't have a residual income program yet go and get one so that you may reap the benefits of residual income.

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