Powerful Ways of Marketing Your Business Through Golf
Richard C Myers
Published on October 9, 2017
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Not only is the game of golf big business, but it's big IN business too. Millions of business transactions happen on the golf courses of the world nearly every day of the year. From sales negotiations to legal settlements, the golf club is as mighty as the pen when it comes to getting business done.

It's hard to separate the social from the business aspects of a workday spent on the links, and perhaps its better that way. You see, conducting business on the golf course is just as complicated as conducting business in the boardroom. Only the environment and clothing are different.

While nearly everyone can grasp the obvious benefits of playing golf in business sales and negotiation situations, fewer people understand how to find other ways to use golf in business to drum up new customers.

While anyone who plays can invite a colleague, vendor, or co-worker for a round of 18 holes, how can the lone golfer benefit from the magic powers of golf in business?

It seems that Portsmouth, N.H business woman Dianne Durkin has found a unique approach. According to Durkin, she has snared a number of new clients for her business consulting firm by simply approaching the first tee alone and then getting matched up with others players who need to round out a foursome. Sometime during the game the talk always turns to business, and Durkin gets a chance to make her low-key sales pitch. Now that's one smart golfer!

There are other ways to ride the golf in business success train even if you've never touched a set of clubs yourself. One Long Island business executive, who had no interest in the game himself, hires salespeople who play and lets them entertain prospective clients on the area's courses. The end result is more sales, with a higher average dollar amount per sale, and another example of a clever way to make money from playing golf in business.

No matter what size community your business is located in, there are advertising, marketing and sponsoring opportunities tied to golf in business as well. You can sponsor local golf tournaments, or even start a tournament yourself that carries your company's name. If your business is oriented towards school-age children, donating golf shirts to the high school golf club is a great way to reach prospective customers and grab some golf in business publicity at the same time.

Custom-printed golf towels, golf balls, golf hats, and other golf accessories make fine golf in business gifts as well. There are plenty of advertising speciality companies that can print these golf in business items up in any quantity that you need.

The key to leveraging golf in business is to think outside the box. You don't have to be a player to reap the benefits. You just need a golf in business strategy that's capable of getting your name on to the links even if your body remains in the office.

Richard Myers is a keen golfer and his web site http://www.thinkandreachpar.com and http://www.golfforleftys.com contains many free tips and great golfing advice plus training videos and DVDs to help you to improve your swing and lower your score using some very simple exercises.

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