Picking An Affiliate Program
Andre Bias
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

Almost every website has an affiliate program in which they pay a percentage of sales or pay for leads like and email address. With so many affiliate programs it can be very difficult to decide which company to work with. The first thing that a person looking for a good affiliate program should do is sign up at a place like Commission Junction or Linkshare. Those companies offer hundreds of affiliate programs at one website so that makes it easy to compare what company pays what. These companies also offer very detailed statistics like earnings per 1000 impressions and earning per 100 clicks. Those formula can give you an idea of how much you can make. For example if a program has $400 earning per 100 clicks you can use that to determine how long it will take to get that many clicks with your website and how much those clicks would cost. It you know you can get 100 clicks a day a no cost then you can possibly make $400 per day.

Another thing about an affiliate program is do not just pick the programs with the highest earning per click, pick a program that fits your website and that you feel has the best chance to convert. Also realize nothing is guaranteed when working with affiliate programs. A lot of people are making 6 figures each month off of affiliate program but those people went through trial and error and lost money in the beginning and you may have to as well.

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