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Caffeine -I Bet You Didn't Know This! Health and Nutrition!
Nick A. James
Published on October 31, 2011

What exactly is caffeine? It is a colorless, somewhat bitter substance that is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and cola. It is also in many over- the-counter medicines and in many diet/weight loss supplements. It is a stimulant and it is considered a psychoactive dru     .  .  .

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Nutrition Bars Come in Handy when you Travel
Francis M. Ardi
Published on December 31, 2011
You might not have time to look for where to eat breakfast.
You might be on a flight where no food is served.
You could even be stuck in the secure gating area of an airport
having to wait more than an hour for your flight which has been delayed
and where ev     .  .  .
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