Motorola Barrage Review - Is This Product as Rugged as Advertised?
Cyndi Davidson
Published on October 21, 2017
Arts & Entertainment / Music
Motorola Barrage Review has quite the history of making craggy and durable cell phones . We’re happy to see they’ve released a phone, the Motorola Barrage, for Verizon Wireless . Properly named as it can handle a barrage of elements, even supposedly a occupied submersion in water, which is quite striking . The Barrage is a flipphone designed enclosed in firm synthetic with grippy rubber sidings . It comes with all the essential features you need without a bunch of further features that you don’t need if you’re just looking for a phone that has enormous quality calls and can handle a quantity of abuse . It can be bought for $ 129 with a two year contract ( plus a $ 50 mail in rebate ) or it can be bought for $ 179 contract gratis. Design The barrage is clearly intended with durability in mind . A lot of phones will break in quite a lot of places if dropped to the floor even once but it’s apparent from its appearance ( and it’s certain durability ) that it can take a number of damage . It’s better than most phones and has a over - sized and powerful hinge to prevent breakage from over extension or ill at ease torque . Here are rubber patches in unlike areas that could take a shock when dropped . Its a contented fit in the hand . Present are a few brawny springs in the hinge as fine as it shuts and opens with force . No fuss and no muss here. The display is no elegant phone display but it does support 65, 000 colors and allows you to easily access and navigate all the things you wish . The chief display has all the common displays such as date and time . One accessory we thought was clever was the Barrage’s ability to access the music player and scan through you songs without actually opening the phone. Your archetypal adjustment controls are along the gone and accurate spine of the phone such as volume control and camera operation and the antenna is a minute loop on the top of the phone. We could go into much supplementary detail but if you’ve seen a flip phone there’s nothing you haven’t seen here . We’re not bashing this of course as this isn’t imaginary to be a Lexus of cell phones, but this is the Hummer and it’s completed for the durability. If you’re here I’m sure you’re not looking for a attractive princess phone either and we don’t plan on discussing one! Conclusion The Motorola Barrage will do everything you need it to do on the job site and won’t let you down if you squeeze through some stretched spaces or drop it if your hands are full . The photo and call quality are satisfactory Although the 3G speed is relatively sluggish and the video and music quality aren’t the finest we’ve decided not to dock too a lot of points as this phone wasn’t meant to be a media device and we’re happy they incorporated these features at all. To get to the point this phone will offer a rocky and powerful construction with all the fundamental features functioning properly.
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