Marketing - The Affiliate Marketers Survival Kit
Kenneth Little
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

The Affiliate Marketers Survival Kit contains a balanced collection of tools. Low ticket items, mid-range ticket items and high ticket items.

Typically these high ticket items will be in excess of $970.

A noteworthy part of the survival kit is ongoing research for better earning products. A developing trend is for affiliate marketers to seek out such products at events put on by the likes of Commission Junction which runs CJU gatherings for affiliate marketers and retailers to work out specific marketing deals.

In addition there are three tactics that stand out from the rest to ensure the affiliate marketer not only survives but thrives. And some of them excel. Rosalind Gardiner earns more than $300,000 a year selling the products of others.

Here are the three tactics

1. Dedicated Web Page

All successful affiliate marketers strive to have custom built dedicated web pages. In other words their only purpose is to attract visitors who are assumed to be seeking information.

Good marketers know that visitors will flee a site that is not content rich on the subject of interest. The object is to get the visitor to come back for repeat visits and as they get comfortable with all the information they get motivated to click from an article page to a merchant product page.

2. Valuable Without Cost Reports to Your Readers

Affiliate marketers offer their visitors, in addition to lots of quality content, the opportunity to get a free e-course targeted to their interests. This gets them on an aweber autoresponder mailing list for up to seven weeks.

This way there is a strong client affiliate relationship developed. This often leads to lifetime customer loyalty on the part of the client who returns often to the site to make purchases.

3. Attract Hungry Traffic that is targeted to your product.

Affiliate marketers want traffic to their web site that is targeted as possible. That way they can have a solid ongoing Internet business with client groups as small as 200.

Other tactics, other than article writing, to attract the desired visitor traffic include investing in Google Adwords campaigns. Here the marketer bids on Google keywords and places small adds on their search pages to encourage searchers to visit their sites.

You can use these tips to launch your affiliate marketing online business. Be warned that this is not a get rich quick activity . Despite what you hear and read.

Get into affiliate marketing for the long haul and watch and adapt to the trends.

Then success will belong to you.

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