Love Wedding Dress up Games for Girls
A Renee Grover
Published on November 8, 2017
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Play an online wedding love game to experience all of the fun parts of a wedding, minus all of the stress of the real thing. A variety of wedding games are available for free online where you can do everything from plan a wedding to walk your character down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams

In the game of "Love Wedding," you help Lisa and Henry, who have been madly in love for three years, finally get married. The wedding is going to take place in the fall. You are responsible for all of the preparation that must be completed to pull it all together. Choose the perfect dress, shoes, accessories, hair and veil for the bride to get her ready to greet her groom.

Love Story Dress Up

Play "Love Story Dress up Games" to get a bride and groom all dressed and ready to walk down the aisle on their special day. For the groom, you must choose a vest, jacket and shoes to get him looking his best. Then, to get the bride dressed, you will need to choose her dress, veil, shoes and jewelry. Finally, select which flowers go best with both the bride and groom's attire to finish their look.

First Dream Wedding Dress Up Game

In this wedding game, you help a woman get ready for her dream wedding. She wants to be different, so she is looking for a unique dress style. You will help her to find that dress, plus her shoes, accessories and hairstyle. Choose from a selection of brightly colored, fun dresses, then find shoes that will go well with it. Select the bride's hairstyle, accessories, such as gloves and jewelry and the perfect flowers. After you are finished, you will get to see what the bride will look like on her big day.

Happiest Bride Dressup

The bride in this game is trying to prepare for the day of her wedding. Help her to find an elegant wedding dress that fits her style. Pick out some matching shoes, then try out some different hairstyles to see which looks best on this bride. Choose some accessories and the perfect flowers to complete the look of this happy bride. When you are finished, you can drag all of the choices you did not like out of the way and look at how your bride looks after you have dressed her.

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