keeping New Year's Resolutions
John Satterfield CH
Published on November 8, 2017
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Success With New Year's Resolutions John Satterfield is a certified hypnotherapist practicing in Mountain View. He specializes in helping clients have success with stopping smoking and losing weight You can reach him by telephone at 870-269-6811 Also get his free report "Never Be Lied To Again" at Each year you set new goals, probably concerning weight loss or stopping smoking. They're certainly worthy goals and you really mean to accomplish them but year after year the enthusiasm seems to soon fade and the focus gets fuzzy and within a matter of weeks (days?) those good intentions are just like your dirty socks, thrown in a corner and forgotten. Here's a little tactic that can help you really achieve those new years resolutions and more in 2005. Before I share this technique with you please realize that your success or failure happens first and foremost in your mind. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If you can keep excited about your goal you will be far more likely to achieve it. So lets learn a simple mental strategy that can help you get whatever you want. Think back over your life now. Remember some time when you felt really successful, perhaps you made a touchdown, maybe it is when your spouse said yes to marriage, maybe you got an A on a test. It may be as simple as your mother giving you a hug and saying how proud she was of you. Anything will work as long as you felt really good about yourself. As you imagine that event try to make the mental picture as sharp as you can. See the colors, smell any smells that might have been present hear the sounds, make that memory as sharp as you are able. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you felt. Feel that feeling of pride and accomplishment! Make those feelings as strong as you can! Some people like to make that positive experience into a circle in their minds then step into that circle. However you handle your success memory you now need to name it. As you are fully immersed in that success memory you might say, "I'm a winner" or simply "success" Agree with your self that you will re-enter this great feeling or state whenever you say your key word to yourself. Now you have anchored a success state in your mind. Most people can have two or more of these prepared success anchors available to them at all times. Now think about your desired behavioral change and fire that anchor for success. Imagine yourself as a non-smoker and as you do, fire that success state. In effect what you are doing is overlaying that state of success, self-esteem, accomplishment on to your new goal! Can you see how powerful this is? Practice this at least three times a day and you'll probably find real success this year with your resolutions.
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