I stopped being self-conscious about my purpose!
Won't Be Denied Apparel
Published on November 8, 2017
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Atlanta, GA (GoArticles) February 27, 2006 -- I used to be embarrassed to speak with friends, I was certain my purpose would not be understood. Finally, I began to attended seminars. I learned that it is my duty to fulfill my life purpose, not for the sake of me, however for the betterment of others. My actions to step into the realm of why I'm here will catapult another into theirs. Here's the advice of a speaker on taking action to achieve your purpose. "I can't have others follow me, if I can't start myself up," said Munson Steed, CEO of Rolling Out urban weekly. He spoke to the attendees in the mid-sized auditorium with high energy and true genuine overtones. It's something we must do each day, getting ourselves started up. Waking up daily to accomplish something you have a passion for, is the drive for the many successful and wealthy people. Isn't that a desire for many, to wake up jubilant to get started? Is that your day? Mr. Steed continued, "You need advocates." It's important to find those like minded souls who will help along the way, when the road becomes bumpy or congested. We are in need of those eagles to fly along side of us on this purposeful journey. This is the greatest challenge, locating the eagles. To help others to get "started up" and soar along with their "eagle" Won't Be Denied Apparel is a source to help. This apparel, established to bring forth the movement within you and erase the self-consciousness to share your purpose, vision, dream, success, voice or blessing with this new t-shirt. These shirts are transcending change with strong statements to voice your desires and your purpose. "When I wear the Won't Be Denied™ t-shirt, I feel a strong inner-confidence within my soul that everything is possible," said Jackie Carter, an entrepreneur in Atlanta. The power exuding within these shirts will empower the wearer and generate hope. Once the founder of the Won't Be Denied™ brand put an end to being self-conscious the creation of Won't Be Denied™ tees manifested. "These shirts are the shield, voice and source of energy for the days when you need it the most. Hey, wear it on casual Fridays to work and it will place you into another zone," suggests the founder.
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