How to Start an Online Internet Business for Less than $60 a Year
Pat Schraier
Published on October 20, 2017
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This report will show you how to find niche products to sell, create a niche website and sell to the selected market for under $60 a year. The cost includes product research, web hosting and design.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keywords refer to single words and phrases that are related to the niche you will be marketing.

When people search on the internet they enter words or phrases they are interested in. For example, if someone is looking for weight loss help, they may enter "lose weight" "how to lose weight" "help losing weight" weight loss pills" "exercise equipment" or any number of combinations containing the word weight.

When you are marketing to an Internet audience these keywords are used in your webpage, PPC campaign, articles, etc. so that people will be directed to the webpage featuring these keywords.

The key to evaluating your keywords is to determine whether your choice will have too much competition for you to receive enough visitors or not enough interest to make it worth your effort to create a webpage around that keyword.

To start the research:


Enter a general keyword relating to your niche, ie: dogs

What will be returned is a list of the keywords that contain the general keyword and number of searches for the keywords.

Next, put dogs in the Google search box. You will see 243,000,000 results (upper right corner) which means that there are that many other websites targeting the word "dogs". This is too much competition for a starting website.

Go back to GoodKeywords and look farther down the list to find other phrases that have less searches. Repeat the procedure of looking up the word phrase in Google until you find a phrase that has less than 100,000,000 sites but more than 200,000. Why more than 200,000? Because it will be difficult to find products for your site if there is limited interest in the keyword.

Step 2: Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs give you access to products and services that you can promote on your website.

A list of free programs at

Find products to sell in your niche by searching by subject in each affiliate program.

Google Adsense is different from other affiliate programs in that they feed the ads to your website based on the content of your pages. You put the code supplied by Google into your webpage where you want the ads to appear.

Also check well-know websites in your niche for affiliate programs. Email them and ask if they have an affiliate program for their products.

Step 3: Choose Domain Name

Choose a domain name and register it at Choose a name that reflects the keywords that you plan to target in your niche. While at GoDaddy sign up for the $3.99 a month web hosting package. Do not add any additional software that GoDaddy offers. Remember - we are keeping the cost of the website under $60 per year.

Step 4: Website Design

Choose a website design using free templates from:

Step 5: Webpage Editor

Download a WYSIWYG editor if you do not know HTML programming. The editor will let you add content and ads to your webpages. Two editors I recommend are and The nvu program is a stand alone program but the mozilla is downloaded with the firefox browser.

Step 6: PayPal

If you are going to market your own niche products, sign up with PayPal so you can accept payments from credit and debit cards.

Step 7: Content

Your niche website needs content. Write your own or get free content from the article sites listed below.

Adding RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to your website is another way to incorporate content but it requires that you learn how to integrate the Javascript into your pages.

Step 8: Free Promotion

Promote your niche website free by:

Writing articles and reports about your niche and including a link back to your website. The list of article sites above will publish your articles at no charge.

Adding your website to or other directories targeting your niche. A good resource for finding directories is

Contributing to niche forums, adding a link back to your website in your signature. (There is a block for your personal signature on forums). Find the forums by searching by your general niche name, ie: dogs forums on Google.

Add a newsletter and autoresponder to send out product announcements and articles to your subscribers.

Find more free information at

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