Free Trade and American Innovation; Can We Compete in the Future?
Lance Winslow
Published on October 21, 2017
Self Improvement / Innovation

Many say that treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA hurt our industries and specifically our manufacturing sector. It is hard to debate this on further review due to the number of textile jobs lost over the years in the Northeast and South. And this is one of many industries, which could not adapt to beat out the competition for cheap labor. The glass industry is another and today we see even more jobs and industries leaving for foreign shores. But the issue of cheap labor is only one real problem and it alone is not enough to cause such a sucking sound of American Industry and jobs leaving.

You see, American Entrepreneurship, Innovation and will can beat any other nation, if we will not tie it down with lead weights of over regulation and bureaucratic “Form” barriers. I am not against “Free Trade” I am all for it. Let me compete, because I will kick anyone’s ass, no matter of race, creed or “Country of Origin.” We need to stop stifling the best amongst us, as it is silly to piss away what we have here.

We need not become a foot note at the bottom of the page listing the Top Nations of Modern Humans; Oh yah there was this once great nation called the United States of America, a promising project and test of allowing freedom to its citizens, it did pretty well for a while then like all great nations it feel or implode, as it never knew what it had until it was too late. We might all wish to think on this in 2006.

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