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Baron Grove
Published on October 24, 2017
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Last year’s game had some solid improvements with the Frostbite Engine especially in how the game looks. The lighting as open world games would say included “Volumunic God Rays,” and there have been improvements in how even the jerseys reacted to player movement as well.

The number of possible improvements for FIFA 18 are seemingly infinite as gamers have asked EA Sports about everything from “Why isn’t this League X within the game?” to “When are y’all going to finally figure out these set pieces?”.

But for now let’s keep our requests to a minimum and also have 3 realistic hopes for the newest edition of FIFA 18 Points [what google did to me].

FIFA Ultimate Team can also be fun to play online, but quite frankly I can’t stand all the contracts as well as the weird “consumables.” Maybe it’s just me, but I hate my club having crests that don’t match with my jerseys, that don’t match with my stadium, that don’t match with the “EA Sports Invitational Cup.” Just not for me.

If you want the on-line experience without the strangeness that may be Ultimate Team, try Online Seasons. This really is a fun way to play online with your favorite team, within their correct jerseys, and in their correct stadium (at least in the Premier League).
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