Do you know who has the keys to your new apartment?
Anat Reches
Published on November 8, 2017
Society / Dating
Moving in to a new place is exciting. You buy new things, refurnish, decorate… But, in all this excitement, people tend to forget something important, more then anything else - their personal security. There is always a possibility that the last tenant forgot to give you one more copy, perhaps your superintendent, the building manager, even the renovation company. The only way you can defend yourself from this option and everything that is implied from it is to change your lock. There are many ways to protect your new home, like putting bars on the windows, make sure that the Intercom and Video Intercom in your building are installed in a proper way and, must important, changing the locks and making sure that the locks installed are from the best kind. Mr. Yaron Erez, a security expert and the co-owner of New York locksmith company, Mr. Locks recommends that one should install at least one high security lock, with a restricted key, one for each entrance door in order to maintain a basic level of security. Mr. Locks also offers free inspections, consulting and free estimates in all security issues preformed by its highly trained security experts. To find out more, visit the Mr. Locks website at or call 212-586-3234
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