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Maria Boomhower
Published on October 21, 2017
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There are many sites that tell you not to submit any articles that are sales letters disguised as an article. No matter how cleverly disguised. And there are people who will try. Besides the fact that this can be very annoying to the host / owner of the article directory. This can also be very harmful to the author as well.

You see people come to the article directories looking for good articles, with quality content. Either they want to read up on a subject to understand it better, or they are looking for relevant material for their website, blog or newsletter. They do not intend to post your sales letter on their site for you. It is important to remember that everything you do, say and write communicates a message about you.

When you try to get away with having a sales letter for an article, the consequences of this will be:

1.Youíll have missed having your articles posted on several potential sites.
2. Youíll have missed out on several potential back links.
3. You will have lost credibility.

Instead of looking like an expert in a field, you can look like a person looking to make a quick buck.

    The thoughts that the public may have about you now are:

  • Your product or service is secondary
  • Your customer service is probably lacking
  • Your clients probably do not matter
  • So what is the difference between a sales letter and an article.

  • An sales letter promotes
  • An article teaches
  • A sales letter talks about the company or product
  • An article explains and guides you on a subject
  • One way I have seen people try to disguise them, is to have the article in an interview style and repeated say, said John Smith of "My Company.com".

This is a quick way to have your article deleted and your time wasted. One Reason: you didnít stop to consider what affect your sales letter in disguise would have on the directory of whom are also trying to build their reputation as a place with quality content.

Now you may say, but that is why I am writing an article so that I can get more clients and make more sales. Yes, that is the goal for most people in the end. However, when you write an excellent article that is related to your website or service, it should lead the reader to the logical conclusion that they desire more information from you. Your article should naturally show that you are knowledgeable on a subject. And subsequently if the reader goes to your website, they can find even more in this area.

I am a firm believer in, how you treat others will ultimately affect how you are treated and how you business will turn out. When you try to cheat the directories, the search engines or they system as a whole, you end up cheating yourself in the end.

Just look at your article and ask yourself, have I written something of quality and good or excellent content or is this just a sales letter promoting myself. If the answer if the former, then submit your article and watch the rewards flow in.

Maria Boomhower - EzineArticles Expert Author

Maria Boomhower

The Master Communicator, has won awards for excellence in video productions & photo journalism & training. Maria has a passion for metaphysics and quantum theories, which enabled her to bring in the human aspects of communication to empower others. She also runs an article directory that includes writing & submission training.

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