Bose IE2 Review - Product Breakdown, are These Worth the Extra Penny?
Cyndi Davidson
Published on October 21, 2017
Arts & Entertainment / Music
The Bose brand has always been known for being the class above . For comparison we’ll consider the fact that they come in at $ 84. 95 from Amazon. com. This seems suitable for Bose as the class above has a class above price. Now let’s get down to the technicalities of these bad boys. Bose IE2 Review Features The major feature that sets it apart from most ear - buds are that they have the “ StayHear tips for superior stability during exercise and other activities ”. These help keep them inside your ears during incessant jogging / running and jerking movements such as in basketball or speedy lifting . These really are more than a marketing gimmick because even after a hour + of running they hadn’t popped out of my ears once whereas most headphones require a readjustment every couple of minutes . This adds to the fact that I sometimes forgot that I was even wore headphones, which in my opinion is stupendous. It’s maddening to have to focus on keeping your headphones in instead of what you are doing and where you are going. These are quite advanced headphones from what we can tell . The sound in them is very pristine, spotless, and natural . Bose claims they tested dissimilar aural ports, shapes, and sizes to get the most excellent normal sound likely and it shows . The sound is astounding, exactly what we expect from Bose, and exactly what Bose does and is known to deliver. They come with Bose IE2 aural headphones 1 pair all of S, M and L StayHear tips 1 pair both of S, M and L original - style tips Protective carrying case The diverse sizes allow you to have a custom fit ear - bud . A quantity of ears are better than others and this ensures they fit the best and give the finest sound. One thing we didn’t find pleasant was the non - hassle gratis packaging . Most new products do gone with the fat plastic that slice the heck out of your hands but this hasn’t misrepresented with these headphones yet . They require a busting out of the scissors to get them open. We noticed that the ear - buds are a lot louder than distinctive ones at the similar volume on the MP3 player which was pleasing for times when the background noise is deafening ( gym, airplanes ). The bass pending through was also quite definitive without being overly noisy . Most earbuds require the volume to be decently noisy before the deep rings factual but these seemed to work quite healthy even at low volumes . The sound came through crystal obvious as glowing. Conclusion We honestly have nothing bad to say about these headphones . If you want a quantity of of the most excellent and most relaxed earbuds around these are for you . They are a bit pricier than most conformist headphones but if you want the most excellent fit and the top sound these are for you. They also look sexy as hell and if you’re a technology geek like me these are probably ear-piercing buy me buy me buy me . You get enormous crystal clear sound with overwhelming capable of being heard deep . You can’t want much more out of a pair of headphones.
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