Bose Companion 3
Cyndi Davidson
Published on October 21, 2017
Arts & Entertainment / Music
The Bose brand is a admired brand identified for its elevated sound quality, but also for its high price . This system is opposing with additional name brand systems such as the Logitech Z - 5500 which comes in at a alike price but is the 5. 1 surround sound offering 3 supplementary individual speakers than the Bose Companion 3 Series . Expressive that the Bose brand is a bit more dear than the rest, we're here to find out if the quality really matches the price. Primary off let's list a quantity of of the Bose Companion 3's features . One thing we always like to point out with sound systems is how a lot of inputs it has, which tells us how many unlike sound sources can be plugged in at one time . With the Bose Companion you get 2 diverse inputs . You can have your computer and your iPod plugged in simultaneously . Nowadays a lot of systems are coming with a control pod and the Bose does as fine, it allows you to plug in a following auditory source, one touch silent, volume control, and a headphone jack . it's a little 4 inch diameter circle that has jacks in it and rotates to change the volume . The high's had a immense crystal clarity . They came through very hard and obvious . The mids took a tiny adjustment on the equalizer to get them correct where we sought after them to be so that wasn't much of a problem . The lows definitely have a pleasant thump to them, we were impressed. Overall we thought this was a cute polite system . It's not one of the top we've seen in terms of total power and bass but you get a very good quality high to mid range spotless clear sound . This system might suit someone who's not as keen on deep as many people are these days and likes a high-quality spotless crisp sound that is reminiscent of the past . Perhaps a small Eric Clapton or Led Zeppelin? If you're serious about the Bose Companion 3 check out our Best PC Speakers review site with real customer reviewed products
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