Benefits of Selling Digital Products Through Clickbank System
Jean Lam
Published on October 16, 2017
Product Reviews / Digital Products

I have been using Clickbank system for several years now and it has been one of my major achievements. I sell many products via Clickbank be it my own products or others' products as an affiliate and it has been the most rewarding experience. I like Clickbank for its simplicity and its functionality. First of all, one would consider Clickbank as their payment gateway and their third party credit card processing company because it's already so popular with about 10,000 products already listed and 100,000 affiliates ready to sell your products. It's important to precise that Clickbank accepts downloadable products eg digital products like ebooks and software.

Clickbank ease of use to sell is one of the major benefits of selling products through its gateway. You can just pick up a product in its marketplace if you have already signed up for a free account and you have a Clickbank ID which is a special code to track who has generated a sale. So with just one ID, you can sell 10,000 products on your website. Here it will be like a big e-commerce store.

Clickbank also makes it easy to sell your own product. If you have created an info product like an eBook or built a software, you can get started right away. Initially, you have to register a vendor account for a one time $49.95 to get activated. Clickbank takes a small fee($1 + 7.5%) out of every transaction but that's ok because you are using a third party credit card processor anyway.

One of the major benefits of having your own product registered at Clickbank is that it will be automatically listed in its marketplace. But you need to complete at least 1 digital sale to be listed there. And the good part is, once you get more and more sales, your ranking will rise in the marketplace and will attract more and more affiliates to sell your product. Due to the fact that it's so easy to sell other people's products with Clickbank, you can have lots of affiliates without you knowing. They don't even need to contact or sign up with you. And just a small bunch of quality affiliates can bring good business to you, now imagine having dozens or even hundreds of them.

With Clickbank, you can set up your account with the minimum amount accumulated to be sent a cheque. Clickbank sends cheques every two weeks so if you've reached your mininum every two weeks, you will receive a cheque. Usually you will receive your cheques promptly. Furthermore, Clickbank gives you customer support and provides real-time sales reporting and statistics. You can also automatically track which affiliates have sold your product.

If you are considering launching your first digital product like an ebook or software, Clickbank is a great place to get started. Learn more at

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