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Todd Going
Published on October 21, 2017
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The skies are not always friendly for American air passengers today. Even though experts often claim that flying is a perfectly safe way to travel, recent cost cutting measures by virtually every major carrier in the United States call into question the safety and reliability of air travel.

There is little doubt that eventually any kind of reduction in cost will eventually filter down to safety, maintenance, and quality control personnel, thereby increasing the risks and dangerous of traveling by air. Statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board cast a dim light on the future of air travel.

Many people seem to take the safety and ease of air travel for granted, but in fact it is an inherently dangerous act with little margin for error. Statistics indicate that most aviation accidents occur during take off and landing, although accidents can occur at any time.

Perhaps the greatest risk to people in the air and on the ground comes from simple errors in judgment that no manner of technology, training, or experience will counter. People are fallible, and it is unfortunate fact that people are fallible, and equally unfortunate that these mistakes can have grave consequences whether at 30,000 or 30 feet.

If recent trends continue, the aviation industry will have to contend with legal action that can potentially spell the end for air travel if they do not address concerns that threaten the lives of the millions of people that take to the air each day.

Aviation accidents are not restricted to civilian aircraft. The recent crash of a military transport C-5 Galaxy plane reveals that not even our brave men and women in the armed forces are immune from the affects of the dangers of air travel. Although the crew and passengers of the plane escaped serious injury, this recent incident raises red flags that cast a doubt over the safety of anyone who travels by air.

The aviation industry still maintains the illusion that their service is the fastest, classiest, and safest way to travel, but disturbing accidents that claim the lives of innocent people have shattered public opinion to its very core. Although it would be difficult to imagine the world without air travel, unless airlines and manufacturers step up and improve their products and services, the future of commercial flying is very questionable indeed.

Aviation accidents in the United States maim and kill hundreds of Americans each year. Picking up the pieces of a life shattered by such a tragic occurrence is challenging and difficult, but not impossible if you have the right information.

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