Authors Win Environment Award
Ingrid Bachmann
Published on October 21, 2017
Environment / Green Living

Since 1999, Canadian authors Dave and Lillian Brummet have been working hard towards raising environmental awareness and providing a means for better waste management. Their columns and articles have appeared in publications across North America, in the UK and in various online E-zines. Their book Trash Talk, released just last August, has been embraced by readers and educational institutes around the world. The concept of the book is to inspire individuals to do their part for the environment by way of the reuse of 'waste' materials, frugal conscious living and reduced resource consumption.

Most recently, the Recycling Council of British Columbia recognized their efforts during the 31st Annual Waste Reduction Conference 2005 held at Harrison Hot Springs. RCBC awarded the Brummets top honors in the Journalist and Media Educator category for their work.

Visit their website (, which offers a free service called Tip of the Month where visitors can learn reduction and reuse ideas. The site also has a large page of links to like-minded organizations where you will learn more about better waste management and can network with various organizations.


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Dave & Lillian Brummet - authors of Trash Talk and Towards Understanding

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