A very important feature of the DVR
Aaron Mathew Wall
Published on October 21, 2017
Communications / Video Conferencing
A very essential feature on the DVR is definitely motion activated recording. If your Digital Video Recorder hidden camera is positioned in an area under surveillance there are typically many long hours of non-action. Your hidden camera is really there to catch a few brief moments of illegal or suspicious behavior. Motion activation permits you to record only if there is activity in the place you are interested in. A motion detector lets you to get around checking through tedious hours of dead video plus, supplies a convenient time stamp for the clip of video recorded. Most DVR spy cameras incorporate motion activated video which can be easily get set up via the main menu. In addition to motion detection recording you should have the option to capture video manually by clicking a button on the remote control unit or the choice to set up scheduled taping at a predetermined time. Another common and yet most important feature you want in a Digital Video Recorder spy camera is an automated time & date tag which provides you with a definitive record of exactly when the video footage was taken. Usually hidden cameras with a built in DVR feature an automated time and date tag that is simple to set up from the main menu. The reason for needing an automatic time & date stamp should be apparent to most of us. If you are mintending to use the camera’s recording you have captured for evidence against someone you need to know the time the incident occurred. Spy cameras that include a dedicated Digital Video Recorders use memory cards to store the video files. SD cards act like a micro hard drive you can easily removable from the hidden camera device and may be played back on your personal computer or laptop. These cards are frequently used in digital cameras and video recorders. If your PC does not have a slot to accommodate an SD card then you will need a USB adapter. Hidden cameras with dedicatedDigital Video Recorder units should also come with RCA type AV outputs so that you can see your video on a plain old TV monitor. Hidden cameras with dedicated Digital Video Recorders are a simpler alternative to working with wires or tricky wireless receiver transmitter units. Laying video wires is often not only difficult but impossible considering the sort of circumstances where a spy camera is needed. Wireless transmission of a surveillance video signal is often very complicated to set up. When using a DVR there are no wireless transmissons to deal with or any difficult set up to work through. The hidden cameras themselves come in a huge selection of unique shapes and sizes ingeniously hidden inside common items like clocks, radios, or even electrical outlets. If you wish to check on a babysitter, a thieving employee, or a restricted area a hidden camera with a DVR is often a perfect solution at a price that wont break the bank. All you need to do is set the camera up and then at the end of the day pop out the SD card out of the camera put it into your computer and you have everything on video. Surveillance expertise has advanced over the recent ten years and now user friendly security products are available to the average person at reasonable prices. This advance of technology makes it possible for you to get quality safety and security with specialized equipment and excellent results.
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