A Basic Analysis of the Free to Join Program
Theresa Cahill
Published on October 20, 2017
Internet Business / Affiliate Programs

So you've just found that perfect program and you're all fired up to join!

The greatest part (you say to yourself) is it's not going to cost me a penny!

You just know in two-weeks time your total investment of zero dollars is going to net you $1000, $2000, $5000 or more.

That's what the website said.

So great, so wonderful, so... insane.

I don't care what your level of education is, I can almost guarantee that as early as kindergarten you learned:

Anything x zero = ZERO

Here it is again:

Anything multiplied by 0 equals 0

- zip, zilch, nada.

You cannot possibly hope to make money in return for never putting any money up front.

Think about how many downlines you have filled to overflowing with free-to-join memberships. And every one of those free loaders (oh, I mean members) causes your own (and their own) downline to sit dead in the water. You've all missed the point.

The simple law of business says to make money you must also be willing to spend money.

If you could make money on the net without ever parting with a dime, don't you think - by now - we would all be millionaires?

Stands to reason, doesn't it?

So take a good look around you. How many people do you personally know - not some lame individual on a website you've never met (or are likely to meet) - but how many flesh and blood individuals do you know that actually have become wealthy online BY NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY?

Think you know someone? Think I'm wrong? Then ask that person... "Okay, so you're wealthy and it didn't 'cost you a dime' to get that wealth... what did you do to advertise? How did you find a perfectly free (no setup fees, etc.) affiliate program? Where do you get your domain names, web hosting, email accounts, internet connection... etc., etc., for absolutely free?"

[If you get a miracle answer... email me!]

Let's face it, we are all guilty. We've joined something for nothing and that's what we've made... a big fat nothing.

Repeat after me... "You cannot NOT spend money online and expect to make money."

It is not possible.

So... the next time you're tempted to "join something for nothing" (unless it's a free and okay-but-not-great way to advertise) ask yourself if YOU are ever really going to upgrade?

If you're not... step aside. Downlines are filled to overflowing with those that join for the sake of joining and do nothing. Sure the numbers look good. You've got 220 people under you in some program, and, in over a year, not a single one of them has - or ever will - upgrade.

ALL programs designed with a join-for-free business foundation can only exist (and stick around) if their members get the point of upgrading.

That gets the ball rolling.

Money makes money.

Empty wallets stay empty.

0 x 0 = 0

It's Basic Arithmetic.


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Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads. Her job is to make your online advertising experience as effective and effortless as possible.

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