5 Tips to Writing Your Book
Monique Houde
Published on October 21, 2017
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Shhhhh…I’m going to let you in on a secret. According to an article in the March 2005 issue of USA Today, “82% of all Americans want to write a book someday.” The fact is that most writers simply need a jump-start. They have what it takes to write, but aren’t sure where to begin.

So you have an idea that you’ve been wanting to write about? Maybe it’s a “How To” book or a Life Event that you believe others can benefit from reading. Maybe you have a Racy Romance novel that is burning up the pages of your notebook. Well, here are 5 Tips that will give you that jumpstart you are looking for.

1 Do your research. Find out who wants to buy the kind of book that you are writing! What’s the market like? Are there enough people looking for the kind of book you want to write or is the subject matter juicy and timely? Where would you go to find your book? Start looking there. Type the subject into the search field of Amazon.com and see what comes up. Be persistent so you can feel confident that your subject matter will be well received. It will help you write.

2 Organize your thoughts. Write and outline to help you organize your thoughts. Don’t worry about naming the book, in fact, the title should be the very last thing you do since you will not know the complete essence of your book until it is done. Create ten chapters (to start with and you can add or take away later), decide what facts and feelings need to go into each chapter, figure out which chapter will contain the climax and then determine how you will wrap it up neatly for your readers in your last chapter.

3 Dedicate the time. Only you can dedicate the time needed to accomplish this goal. Write every day. Never stop writing for even one day. If you do, it can make it much harder to get back into the flow of your book the next time you begin. Do it, even if it is only a paragraph or a few sentences. Make it fun.

4 Understanding your publishing options. You can submit your work to be published by a conventional publishing house or you can decide to self-publish. Exploring both options is important, as there are benefits and drawbacks to both, such as money you may need to invest and how well you handle rejection letters!

5 REWARD yourself. The process of creating, editing and rewriting is not an easy task. This is a piece of you that you are getting ready to put out there in front of the world; it can be scary. Remember to reward your hard work. Do not make finishing the book the only chance for celebration. Set small goals for yourself and when you reach them reward yourself. Maybe it is some much needed time alone with friends or a trip to the mall for those sunglasses you have been coveting. Having a coach to keep you working in the right direction and encourage you along the way has been the way to go for thousands of authors; yes, even the most famous ones!

Monique Houde is the author of Blinded by Love, a novel the deftly describes her personal account of a violent relationship and her subsequesnt survival.

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